St-Katherines Monastery

Situated just over 2000 meters above Sea Level in central Sinai lies the dramatic summit of Mount Sinai or Gebl Musa (Moses Mountain) in the local dialect.

Sacred to Christains, Muslims and Jews alike as the location where Moses received the 10 Commandment from God, this beautiful mountain can be climbed at night in 2-3 hours allowing the spectacular Sunrise to be viewed at dawn.

Following the Pilgims Path down there is time to visit the oldest monatery on earth St Katherine’s at the base of the mountain. Here one can view ancient icons in the museum, marvel at the remarkable architecture of the original Bazantine Church and view the site of the Burning Bush of Biblical fame.

This overnight trip is a firm favourite with our customers. You may wish however to do the day time version visiting the monastery first follwed by a trek up the mountain to see sunset.

Dive sites

Red Sea Diving -  PADI learn to dive courses, professional courses, daily and guided diving in Dahab

Guided Diving to Dahab and Sharm Dive Sites


Dahab is a relatively small place situated on the coast of Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. This heavenly paradise is full of really beautiful and undeniably attractive dive sites. Enthusiasts and tourists looking for a good way to relax and be one with nature visit drawn by th e magnetic beauty of the natural wonders and inherent loveliness.

If you are coming from different parts of the globe, there are a number of affordable return flights from, Manila, Bangkok, New York, Sydney and other parts of the world through Cairo, and many flights from Europe through Sharm airport. This only means that wherever you are, there is no reason to miss your holiday in this wonderful place!

Night Life


in the immediate vicinity of Dahab itself there is plenty to entertain the visitor.

Explore the colourful bazzars, or simply relax in one of the many beachfront restaurants.

A rich diversity of International and local fare is on offer. One can sample, Indian, Chinese, Italian or Egyptian food all within a few meters of the seashore. Sea food is a firm favourite and very reasonably priced in Dahab.

Nightlife in Dahab exists with plenty of watering holes for the thirsty- including our own choice of bars. The complex includes a sports bar with British Premiership matches- a seaview rooftop bar and a quieter restaurant. Choose to spend your evenings at either a lively or more chilled out location!

Shopping in Dahab

Dahab Shopping:

Dahab is famed in Sinai for the rich colour of its bazaars, the wonderful variety of shopping available and the amazing bargains on offer. Tourists from as far away as Sharm el Shiehk and Neuwebba are regular visitors to the narrow streets, shopping for the latest deals.

Within meters of the Hotel you can browse the stalls for gold, silver, carpets, papyrus, perfumes and a host of the “New Age” crafts that give Dahab its traditional “traveller” flavour.

If the mood takes why not treat yourself to an inexpensive henna tattoo, or an individually crafted souvenir.

Dahab, an undiscovered jewel in the Red Sea Riviera

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Dahab , Egypt

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Dahab Egypt

The sleepy oasis of Dahab, meaning “gold” in the local Bedouin dialect nestles at the feet of majestic mountains surrounded by lazy palms on a shoreline of golden beaches and reefs just teeming with marine life.

Once a Bedouin fishing village Dahab is located just an hour north of Sharm el Sheihk International airport. The village now boasts modern amenities including banks and health facilities, whilst maintaining its traditional charm. Famous its welcome, all year season, Dahab is an informal and tranquil destination with palm thatched cafes, colourful markets and white robbed Bedouin.


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