St-Katherines Monastery

Situated just over 2000 meters above Sea Level in central Sinai lies the dramatic summit of Mount Sinai or Gebl Musa (Moses Mountain) in the local dialect.

Sacred to Christains, Muslims and Jews alike as the location where Moses received the 10 Commandment from God, this beautiful mountain can be climbed at night in 2-3 hours allowing the spectacular Sunrise to be viewed at dawn.

Following the Pilgims Path down there is time to visit the oldest monatery on earth St Katherine’s at the base of the mountain. Here one can view ancient icons in the museum, marvel at the remarkable architecture of the original Bazantine Church and view the site of the Burning Bush of Biblical fame.

This overnight trip is a firm favourite with our customers. You may wish however to do the day time version visiting the monastery first follwed by a trek up the mountain to see sunset.

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